Sponsor NJTL Tennis Summer Camps

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 2021 NJTL Tennis Summer Camps 

  • Every summer Tennis Memphis offers a 6 week tennis camp at 23 camp sites for ages 5-18, reaching 1400 unique campers (2400 total) in the Memphis area.
  • Of these campers, 75% have never picked up a racquet, 70% are ages 10 & under, and 90% attend on a scholarship.
Camp participants not only receive dedicated tennis instruction, but also learn the value of diversity, responsibility, and good citizenship. 

Donation Information

  • $120 to send 1 student to summer camp for 2 weeks
  • $240 to send 2 students to summer camp for 2 weeks
  • $400 to give 2 students a camp pass for the entire summer (6 weeks)
  • $600 to send 10 students to camp for 1 week
  • $1000 to give 5 students a camp pass for the entire summer (6 weeks)
  • $5000 to sponsor a summer camp for a week

You can also make a monthly, recurring donation via PayPal to reach more under-served kids in the Memphis community.

Interested in sponsoring a camp? Contact Stephen Lang, Executive Director, at (901) 338-1308 or slang@tennismemphis.org

Donate online via PayPal below, drop your donation by one of our centers, or mail your donation to: Stephen Lang, c/o Tennis Office, 1645 Ridgeway Rd, TN 38119. Checks should be made to Tennis Memphis.  


Thank you for joining us as we strive to “build a better community and enhance lives through tennis & education.”